Dissect IM Software

A Data Warehouse Automation software that generates your environments from the system metadata that you have uploaded.

The software generates the structures and routines to populate and manage the system without any programming.

It is integrated with source systems and reporting software to give an end-to-end solution tailored to your business needs. It enables the user to manage the system from a browser application and allows reports to be visible on PC, tablet or phone.


Feature overview:

• Operation Data Store generation

• Model Design upload

• Full end-to-end system generation

• Deployment to multiple environments (Development, Test, Production)

• Integration with source systems and files (delimited and spreadsheets)

• Datamart generation

• Automated Integration and Load schedule.

• Operational monitor for data transfers

• Data rejection process

• Automated Data Quality reports

• Environment maintenance control (archiving and purging)


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